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The Oprahi group of wines were created in Italy by the three foreigner members namely Mr. Vikash Gupta, Mr. Anand Khattar, Mr. Vipul Nanda and our Joint Venture partner i.e. M/s Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna of Italy. A lot of spade work was undertaken before the wines were finally selected for launch in India. The main consideration was the Indian palate the Italian mysticism and its unique quality for the Indian wine drinker.

The three most desirable wines that we selected were:
Lambrusco- Sweet and fruity red sparkling wine. Ripe red berry aromas, a sweet taste and refreshing crispness, which makes this wine an ideal accompaniment with fruit-based deserts and pastries.

Cabernet Merlot - Delicately herbaceous fragrance, lightly spiced with cherry notes, accompaniment to any meal ideal with full flavoured rice and pasta dishes, roast and grilled meats,cheeses.

Pinot Chardonnay- Light and easy, white wine with rich fruity taste. Can be drunk as an aperitif appetizer or can accompany food from light starters and salads to fish or pasta preparations.

Oprahi was formally launched in India in Gurgaon at the DLF Golf club with a presentation on wines by a famous sommelier, Mr. Magandeep. A large gathering of distinguished guests were treated to the Oprahi wines, which were generally very well received. Since then the sales of wines and their popularity has been gaining ground steadily in Delhi and NCR.

M/s Vinner Enoteca which is the branding and marketing company for these wines has set up an efficient network of off premise and on premise outlets. Our wines are slowly, but steadily making their way into the hearts of wine drinkers. With passage of time but with concerted efforts on the part of the entire marketing team of the Oprahi wines to achieve prominence amongst the top brands of wine in India we have put into place a number of planned events which have already begun to show results.

Some of the events are enumerated below:
1. Wines were sponsored for a polo match.
2. A number of wine tasting events were held at various on premises locations such as DLF City Club and Hayatt.
3. Wine tasting retail training sessions for the hotel staff has been conducted by India’s well know sommelier, Mr. Magandeep.

Off premise sales in retail outlet is also picking up as a result of our incentive schemes for dealers consumers. An art show was sponsored with Oprahi wines at the Epicentre in Gurgaon on 9th May 2008 which was a grand success and was inaugurated by Vice Admiral S.C. Chopra (ex-vice chief of navy).The art show was put up by Mr. Rajiv Puri.

We have a host of events which predominantly includes wine tasting, training for the staff of major wine outlets in Delhi and NCR.

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