It is our keen endeavor to selectively import good quality wine from Italy at reasonable pricing blended to the Indian climate. Cohesive synergy brought about by our Indo-Italian JV tie-up helps ensure we are moving in the appropriate direction to this end.

The very initial selection of wines has been hand-picked after extensive tasting sessions held at Vinitaly and various events locally, earlier this year. This exercise has also gained from the cooperation and collective expertise of celebrated sommeliers and wine enthusiasts. This exclusive produce, bottled in Italy for Vinner Enoteca Wines Pvt Ltd. now awaits your indulgent appreciation.

We assure availability of specially blended selections, for the discerning Indian palate.

Apart form imported wines we are carefully nurturing our own vineyard in Nashik towards robust growth. Once the wine-making machinery is in place we shall be pleased to offer the home-grown wines of the same quality at most reasonable rates.

Winds of positive change are blowing and we foresee a tremendous scope for Italy and India to cooperate in the specific and focused agri-business sector of the wine industry.

A natural synergy already exists in our combined experience in agro-foods since ancient times. India has a rich tradition of agriculture while Italy has tremendous strength in wine and other agro-products, linked to ancient Italian knowledge weeded to modern technology.

India, which till recently was a stagnant developing country, is on the threshold of becoming an economic superpower. Italy on the other hand, is a fully developed nation and is known for its ‘good living’. Italian wine & cuisine, art & architecture, automobiles and lovers (not necessarily in the same order) are considered legendary and the epitome of a rich quality of life.

We envisage making the authentic Italian experience available to the Indian consumer’s palate; which is eagerly thirsting for fine living.

“Bring quality wines to our customer, is our way to convince him”
“Educate our customer’s taste, is our way to retain him”
“Be transparent with our customer, is our way to respect him”

A natural deposit may occur in the bottle with ageing, which can be eliminated by decanting. Decanting involves pouring the wine from the bottle to a carafe. The natural airing enhances the aromatic qualities of young and old wines alike.

Generally white wines should be served between 8° C to 12° C and red wines between 16° C to 18° C. The shape of the glass has a considerable impact on the perception of the wine’s aromas. A tulip shaped glass is traditionally used, one third full.

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